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    If You Love Ramen, Here’s A Guide To The Regional Ramen Styles In Japan That Will Help You Build Your Perfect Bowl

    Whether you're planning a trip to Japan or simply want to indulge your eyes, we've got you covered.

    When we talk about ramen, we're most often talking about the type of broth it's made with — aka miso, shio, shoyu, or tonkotsu. But did you know there are also regional variations of these four types of ramen? 🍜

    In the city of Yonago, for example, their regional ramen sports a rare beef-based broth. In Sapporo, the birthplace of miso ramen, chefs are known to add a pat of butter and a generous scoop of sweet corn to their ramen. 

    If you're ready to dig into the delicious world of niche ramen, here are 14 regional ramens that you absolutely must try:

    1. Iekei Ramen

    Iekei Ramen

    2. Jumonji Ramen

    3. Toyama Black Ramen

    4. Tokushima Ramen

    5. Gyukotsu Ramen

    6. Sapporo Ramen

    7. Kitakata Ramen

    8. Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen

    9. Wakayama Ramen

    10. Onomichi Ramen

    11. Nagoya “Taiwan” Ramen

    12. Hakodate Ramen

    13. Kurume Ramen

    14. Kagoshima Ramen