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    I Can't Get Over This Video Of Newborn Twins Reaching For Each Other's Hands

    Apparently, they've grown up to be pretty different toddlers.

    Twins share a special bond that non-twins will never understand.

    The most curious part about their intimate relationship is the fact that it seems baked into their DNA. If you ever had any doubts about this connection, this video of newborn twins holding hands shortly after birth might change your mind.

    I mean, is there anything purer than two siblings sharing a tender moment in their literal first few seconds on Earth?

    Ceci thinks there might be something even deeper to her babies' first embrace. Baby A, who's lying on her mother's left side, was born first and was the stronger twin who passed all her preliminary screenings. But Baby B, on her right side, barely passed some tests. "I thought that maybe, Baby A knew her sister needed strength," she told BuzzFeed.

    These days, the twins continue to share a close sister bond, while also developing individual personalities. "At 14 months, they're honestly very different. One will get annoyed if she needs to share, and one is nicer. I also sometimes go shopping with one and leave the other twin with dad at home, and they don’t really notice the other is gone."

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