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What's Your Favorite Unexpected Movie Theater Snack?

We're talking way beyond popcorn.

Pretty often, snacks are the best part of a movie-going experience.

Buena Vista Pictures / Via

And while many of us associate movie theater snacks with popcorn, tons of people around the world indulge in wildly different foods.

@chefroops / Via

In India, samosas are a common concession stand option.

We want to know: What kind of snacks do YOU buy at your local theater?

Do you live in the Netherlands and snack on salty licorice?

@dutchgal / Via

The Netherlands is the world's largest consumer of licorice per capita.

Does your local theater offer sweet caramel popcorn, instead of the salty and buttery version?

@Nicayrohff / Via Twitter: @Nicayrohff

People in France, Germany, the UK, and several other countries in Europe and elsewhere prefer the sticky stuff to the standard buttery fare.

Or do you frequent Spain's theaters and sip on calimocho?

@eneri384 / Via

Calimocho is equal parts red wine and Coca-Cola.

Maybe you're Korean, and find it perfectly normal to chew on dried cuttlefish during your matinee?

@brotherfromwoods / Via

It's savory, super chewy, and ever so slightly sweet. YUM!

Or maybe you live in NYC, where you can get steak frites delivered straight to your chair?

Photo by iPic via Yelp / Via

Let us know in the comments what YOU snack on at your local movie theater (including in what country the snack is popular) and you might be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!

We'll love your submission even more if it includes a photo.