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    16 Times Hipsters Fought Italian Food, And Hipsters Won

    You can't make me eat this.

    1. This unicorn pasta:

    2. This "sushi" pizza that somehow ruins two cuisines in one go:

    3. This pizza trapped in a glass cage of hipster:

    4. And this slice that someone thought would look more appetizing if it were colored:

    5. This spaghetti that literally had to conform to millennial taste:

    6. This combination of Cheetos crumbs and leftover pasta:

    7. This pasta that should've never, ever been used as a sandwich ingredient:

    8. Or this dish that proved there IS a place where avocado doesn't belong:

    9. This pizza that's so close to being edible:

    10. This tiramisu the chef probably started preparing, but then got tired and served as is:

    11. This gelato whose flavor I can't even guess:

    12. This latte's sad attempt at being bougie:

    13. Or this deconstructed one:

    14. And this cappuccino served in someone's salad scraps:

    15. This coffee order that got mixed up with someone's gelato order:

    16. And finally, this bread served on a mother friggin' chair!!!