26 Foods All Midwesterners Grew Up With

    Which ones are the best?

    We recently asked people from the BuzzFeed Community to share their favorite Midwestern foods. Here are their best responses:

    1. Cincinnati Chili

    2. Horseshoe Sandwich

    3. Puppy Chow

    4. Gooey Butter Cake

    5. Meat and Vegetable Pasty

    6. Green Bean Casserole

    7. Chicago-style Hot Dog

    8. Runza

    9. Cheese Frenchee

    10. Lefse

    11. Fried Cheese Curds

    12. Detroit-Style Coney Island Hot Dog

    13. Juicy Lucy

    14. Creamed Corn Casserole

    15. Walking Taco

    16. Tater Tot Casserole

    17. Tuna Noodle Casserole

    18. Scotcheroos

    19. Buffalo Chicken Dip

    20. Buckeyes

    21. Toasted Ravioli

    22. Frozen Custard

    23. Pork Tenderloin Sandwich

    24. Strawberry Pretzel Salad

    25. Chicago Italian Beef Sandwich

    26. Deep-dish Pizza

    Did we miss anything? Tell us in the comments below!

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