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27 Pasta Photos You’ll Want To Double-Tap

Show me one person who doesn't like pasta and I'll show them this list.

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1. This answer to all of your problems:

@halfbakedharvest / Via

2. This stringy lobster mac 'n cheese:

4. This unstoppable fettuccine:

5. This vehicle for cheese:

6. This reason for three meals a day:

barbutonyc / Via

7. This breakfast macaroni:

lestellehouse / Via

9. This angelic plate of tortellini:

10. This plateful of sunshine:

11. This endless pile of cheese:

12. This source of inspiration:

13. These chewy rigatoni with just enough guanciale:

gabrielecosta1975 / Via

14. This perfect wine pairing:

16. This reason for "saving your appetite":

sweetlifeman / Via

17. This thick gnocchi:

velocebrasilia / Via

18. This nostalgia-inducing pasta bake:

19. This definition of charming:

20. This delicious combination of shrimp, chardonnay, and jalapeño:

barbutonyc / Via

21. This slice of your dreams:

22. This pornographic plate of pasta:

24. This red sauce waiting to be mopped up:

25. This burrata and pesto match made in heaven:

27. This motivation to make it through the week:

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