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Help, I Can't Stop Looking Through This Traveling Artist's Notebooks

They're also so soothing.

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Call me a snoop, but there's nothing I find more satisfying than going through other people's diaries.

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As for my personal journals, I'll be taking them with me to the grave.

Especially when they look like artist José Naranja's.


Based in Spain, Naranja began illustrating his daily observations, ideas, and memories in 2015.

When he discovered the pocket-size 9x14 cm Moleskine notebooks, Naranja realized they were the perfect medium on which to transcribe all his experiences. He now binds his own notebooks, a process which he also chronicles in detail on his blog.

You can get your own Moleskine notebook from Amazon for $9.44.

His pages capture with exquisite detail everything from ocean creatures...

That detail tho.

To visualizations of his own inventions...

Instagram: @jose_naranja

Here, he depicts an anti-stupidity hat, "a Mexican hat, larger than usual (6m diameter), with blades or whatever to keep people away."

And maps and notes from his wide-spanning travels.

Naranja's extreme neatness and consistency of style is a hallmark of his notebooks. It's hard to believe that each page is hand-lettered.

The intense neatness is also an extremely soothing quality of his notebooks.

Like, the words on this page HAVE to have been printed, right?

You could spend hours poring over a single page.

*Zooms in*

Apart from his gorgeous renderings, Naranja also posts photos of his envy-inducing tools of the trade.

I NEED that fountain pen.

*Adds everything to Amazon wishlist*

If you want to own one of his notebooks, Naranja sells a compilation of his best work in a multilingual book called The Orange Manuscript.

View this video on YouTube

It costs €285 ($345) and comes numbered and signed. That price may sound steep, but remember that he binds each one, effectively self-publishing his own limited run of a super rare book. Check out his blog for more info on how to order your own copy.

Or you could also just start your own travel notebooks.

The best things at three price points