18 Classic Japanese Dishes You Can Make At Home

    Drop the instant ramen and bookmark this right now.

    1. Tonkatsu

    2. Okonomiyaki

    3. Dorayaki

    4. Onigiri

    5. Vegetable and Seafood Tempura

    6. Omurice

    7. Oyakodon

    8. Gyudon

    9. Sukiyaki

    10. Tamago gohan

    11. Udon

    What is it? Thick, wheat flour noodles.

    Think of these as the rigatoni of the Japanese noodle world — they're heartier and chewier than Chinese-style ramen noodles, and surprisingly easy to make on your own. Recipe here.

    12. Tamagoyaki

    What is it? A log of rolled, cooked egg.

    This side dish elevates the humble egg into a layered, savory creation slightly sweetened with mirin (sweet rice wine) and sugar. Though most traditional recipes use a rectangular tamagoyaki pan to achieve the classic log shape, you can use a 9- to 10-inch pan for a similar result. Recipe here.

    13. Ramen

    14. Yakisoba

    What is it? Noodles stir-fried with vegetables and pork.

    Curly ramen-style noodles and semi-sweet yakisoba sauce are basically the only prerequisites for this dish — feel free to vary the recipe with your own choice of beef, seafood, or tofu, and vegetables like snow peas and broccoli. Recipe here.

    15. Korokke

    What is it? Japanese-style deep-fried croquettes.

    What's there not to love about deep-fried mashed potatoes? Recipe here.

    16. Shogayaki

    17. Miso soup

    18. Strawberry daifuku (mochi)