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This Choir Had To Perform After Eating Ghost Peppers, And I Can't Stop Laughing

This is the video we all need right now.

If you're a spicy food enthusiast, you've probably heard about ghost peppers.

Sb-borg / Getty Images

They're 400 times hotter than Tabasco sauce and were at one point considered the world's hottest chili pepper.

Well, Danish comedian, chili enthusiast, and YouTuber Chili Klaus recently fed the food to Denmark's Herning Boys Choir to create this ~gem~ of a video. 😂

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If Denmark had a version of "America's Funniest Home Videos" this would've been this season's winner.

The video starts off with the boys singing an angelic rendition of "O Come, All Ye Faithful."

It's the stuff of Christmas fairy tales.

The madness begins at about 1:21, when the entire choir whips out a tiny pepper and pops the entire thing into their mouths.


For the next two minutes, the boys attempt to calmly get through the piece, some while crying.

...experiencing violent pain.

...and just, in general, dying.

^ Me trying to keep my shit together in 2017.

According to Claus Pilgaard (aka Chili Klaus), who's pulled off the stunt with other musical groups before, the youngest were given milder peppers.

"I graduated the chili peppers a bit," Pilgaard told BuzzFeed Food. "The mildest for the youngest boys and the hottest for the grown ups — to make a common experience for all of them." They consumed everything from 7 Pod Yellow and Dorset Naga (Ghost Chili) peppers, to Chocolate Bhutlah and Cayenne for some of the youngest members of the choir.

To tame the heat, parents awaited the boys with "milk, ice-cream and bread."

And despite the chili-induced sweats, stomach pain, and mouth burn, one of the youngest boys admitted that while the chili pepper was indeed very hot, "It was still harder to sing a concert in Carnegie Hall!" (The Herning Boys Choir sang in Carnegie Hall in NYC this past October)

Watch the whole video on YouTube here.