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What Do You Put In Your Lunch Salad?

I mean, besides avocado.

If you're anything like the Kardashians, you know salads make the best weekday lunch.

They require zero cooking skills and can be made with literally any mix of ingredients.

And while grilled chicken on top of romaine makes a great salad, adding sliced figs, almonds, and crushed peppercorn makes it an even tastier meal.

So, how do you perk up your weekday lunch salad? Are you a vegetarian with a penchant for falafel-filled creations?

Do you sweeten yours up with a dollop of jam?

Or indulge on expensive cans of tuna?

Or does excessive ranch sauce do the trick for you?

"I'll take the bacon ranch salad, hold the salad." - Americans

Ranch forever.

Share with us below your weekday lunch salads and recipes. Whether you pack your salad with chicken and a simple dressing, or perk it up with a weird fish, we'd love to know. Have a photo? Even better!