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How Did You Budget In 2016?

Did you start making your own coffee? Cook in bulk? We want to know!

No matter how young or old, everyone can agree that saving money is hard.

The urge to spend is CONSTANT and trying to budget often feels like a battle between your wallet and the world.

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But saving cash doesn't have to mean daily deprivation.

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...Or starvation.

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You CAN budget without turning into a complete recluse — you just might have to get a little creative:

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We want to know: What budgeting and money-saving hacks got you through 2016?

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Did you start dedicating your Sundays to meal prep?

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Throw away your credit cards and start exclusively using cash to better track your spending?

Or did you figure out how to get paid to lose weight (and kill two birds with one stone in the process)?

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Whether they earned you a few dollars every week or helped you pay off your students loans, we want to know your budgeting secrets!

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Every little bit counts.

Tell us your money-saving hacks or tips in the comments below and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!

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