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12 Veggies You Didn't Know You Can Regrow At Home

All you need is water.

1. Grow your own scallions in just a few days.

How to grow: Submerge the root ends of your green onions in a glass or vase. Occasionally refresh the water and your scallion stumps should develop into full-fledged scallions in less than a week.

Read the full instructions on how to regrow green onions here.

2. Use old garlic cloves to cultivate tasty green garnishes.

Svehlik / Getty Images

How to grow: Place a clove in a small glass filled with water. Wait for the green shoots, then slice the leaves and enjoy them just as you would enjoy scallions. Read the full directions on how to regrow garlic here.

3. Grow an infinite supply of leeks from old ones.

How to grow: Slice off the green leaves and place the white base in a small bowl filled with water. In a few days, watch as green leaves sprout into edible leaves. Read the full instruction on how to regrow leeks here.

4. Use a celery base to grow new stalks.

Flickr / charlene mcbride / Via

How to grow: Take the base of a stalk of celery and place it in water. When the middle of the root starts to grow darker green stalks, transfer the whole thing to soil. Read full instructions on how to regrow celery stalks here.

5. Grow a new bunch of bok choy using just its base.

6. Give new life to a discarded head of cabbage with just water.

Eyepark / Getty Images

How to regrow: Use the same technique you use for celery and Bok Choy to regrow napa cabbage. Read the full instructions on how to regrow Napa cabbage here.

7. Nurture new ginger out of a single root.

Lubo Ivanko / Getty Images

How to regrow: Place a fresh ginger root in a pot of soil. Place the pot in a warm, but dry, area, and keep the soil moist. In just a few weeks, your old ginger root should start sprouting new ones. Read the full instructions on how to regrow ginger here.

8. Transform your lemongrass stalks into lemongrass shrubs., Pushishdonhongsa / Getty Images

How to grow: Soak the roots of your lemongrass stalks in warm water. Once the roots are at least three inches in length, transfer them to a spacious part of your garden where your stalks can develop into full-size shrubs. Read the full instructions on how to regrow lemongrass stalks here.

9. Start your own potato supply with just a few spuds.

Flickr / Ruth Hartnup / Via

How to grow: To regrow a potato from another one, wait for your potato to grow "eyes" (whitish shoots), and plant a piece of that potato in a pot with soil. Within two weeks, your old potato should transform into green shoots. A few months after that, new potatoes will start forming below ground. Read the full instructions on how to regrow potatoes here.

10. Turn a few mushrooms into several more.

How to grow: Snip the stems of mushrooms and place them in soil. If you're lucky, a few of your mushroom bits will become alive and start growing in the soil. Try it with several pieces to improve your changes. Read the full directions how to regrow mushrooms here.

11. Turn old sweet potatoes into new ones.

Flickr / Rosa Say / Via

How to regrow: Take a good quality sweet potato and stick toothpicks horizontally along its radius. Then, place it in a glass or jar of water and wait for the sweet potato to develop "slips," or shoots, that you can plant in soil when they're about one inch long. In a few months, these should develop into full 'taters! Read the full instruction on how to regrow sweet potatoes here.

12. Got time? Turn an avocado pit into a tree.

Detry26 / Getty Images

How to grow: This one's a long-term project, folks, but if you've got time and patience, here's how to start: Clean a pit and stick three toothpicks around it. Use the toothpicks to float a pit in a water-filled vessel. Once the pit has started to grow sizable roots and a stem, plant it in soil. Read the full instructions on how to regrow avocadoes here.

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