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12 Veggies You Didn't Know You Can Regrow At Home

All you need is water.

1. Grow your own scallions in just a few days.

2. Use old garlic cloves to cultivate tasty green garnishes.

3. Grow an infinite supply of leeks from old ones.

4. Use a celery base to grow new stalks.

5. Grow a new bunch of bok choy using just its base.

6. Give new life to a discarded head of cabbage with just water.

7. Nurture new ginger out of a single root.

8. Transform your lemongrass stalks into lemongrass shrubs.

9. Start your own potato supply with just a few spuds.

10. Turn a few mushrooms into several more.

11. Turn old sweet potatoes into new ones.

12. Got time? Turn an avocado pit into a tree.

Want more inspo? Watch our video on how to regrow vegetables, fruit, and herbs in your kitchen!

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