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15 Hipster Food Trends That Need To Die In 2017

15 more reasons why 2016 was garbage.

1. Sushi burritos

nikola_fiskova / Via

It's just a little too much raw fish in one bite.

2. Rainbow food

seoulany__ / Via

A rainbow-dyed bagel might make for a great 'gram, but I'd rather wait an hour in line for a food that's objectively superior in taste and not just different in appearance.

3. Zucchini pasta

simonebchaves / Via

IDK, I won't discount the health component of this, but zucchini can be enjoyed in so many more delicious ways. Save the bolognese sauce for the carby stuff.

4. Cauliflower pizza

5. Matcha-flavored everything

6. Elevated toast

itsmareezy / Via

Is it a sandwich? Is it avocado toast?! What is it?!?!

7. Deconstructed coffee

causewelovefoodanddrinks / Via

Maybe it's just me, but I'm always in a rush if I'm buying coffee and can't stand this tedium of mixing the ingredients myself.

8. Microbreweries

9. Artisanal pickles

10. Smoothie bowls

amishoesmith / Via

This is just too pretty to eat, and should not be considered a food.

11. Green juices

12. Fancy chocolate bars

13. Food served on cutting boards:

Just been served scrambled eggs on a wooden board. Peak culinary hipster?

If only they invented a more lightweight, ceramic, low-walled version of this board to neatly contain all the food.

14. Overloaded desserts

15. Mason-jarred everything

artcien / Via

Ain't nobody got time for extra dishes.