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Europe Is So Hot Right Now That Even Meteorologists Are Calling It "Hell"

"Hell is coming."

Europe is burning right now.

"Hell is coming," a Spanish meteorologist said this past Monday.

And it did. Highest-ever temperature records are breaking across western Europe right now, including in Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. And they're expected to continue in the upcoming days. In Spain, the hottest locations will top out at 42-43 C (108-110 F) each day through Sunday.

Just looking at this makes me want to anxiously clutch my ice-cold La Croix.

A gauche carte des températures à 1500m prévues par GFS. A droite le cri de Munch. Jamais vu ça en 15 que je regarde des cartes météo #canicule

It's so hot that paved roads in Central France are melting and disintegrating.

Astronomical temps here in Central France. Forecast underestimated, as we are now hitting 44C in the shade! This is the usually silky-smooth D996 in the Auvergne, which is a motorbikers mecca. In just a few hours it hasn't just melted, it has disintegrated @BBCNews #HEATWAVE2019

In Germany — where they're enforcing a speed limit on stretches of the slick, deteriorating autobahn — a man was caught driving his moped naked. Lol.

Weil wir #sprachlos sind 😅: Wie würden Sie dieses Bild betiteln? Als kleine Inspirationshilfe - ein #Zitat des Herren: „Et is halt warm, wa?“ Und jetzt Sie! #Hitze #safetyfirst #LebenAmLimit

Bicycles in Berlin are melting.

The weather was so hot today in Berlin it melted a bicycle.

So many people are flocking to public pools that the cops are being called.

Tried to go to the local swimming pool in Berlin. Thought there would be a bit of a queue.... The Police had to be called... #Berlin #HEATWAVE2019 #hitzewelle #Germany

This is how people are chilling at home.

Forget the Eiffel tower, it's all about the pool in front of it.

Hot day in Paris today. The outdoor pool beside the Eiffel Tower is great. As is the Happy hour in the Hideout. 18.00-22.00!

The Eiffel Tower be like, "Thx for the crop job, global warming."

In France, they're preparing "cool rooms" in city halls.

And BTW, for those of you reading this from the US, just remember that A/C is not a thing in most European households.

If you're reading this from abroad, remember that heat illness is a real thing and stay safe!