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    25 Incredible Japanese Desserts That, IMO, Beat Just About Every Other Dessert Out There

    They're typically not overly sweet — at least compared to some traditional American desserts — and many of them are easier to make than you think.

    Japanese desserts are classic, versatile, and contain some of the most universally accessible recipes out there. (In fact, you may have already tried your hand at a few of these!)

    They're typically not overly sweet — at least compared to some traditional American desserts — and many of them are easier to make than you think. From taiyaki and mille crepe cakes to purin and kasutera sponge cake, here are all the classic Japanese dessert recipes you should try at home. If I missed your favorite, leave it in the comments!

    1. Matcha Roll Cake

    Fork in matcha swiss cake roll with a heavy serving of cream filling.

    2. Taiyaki

    Group of Taiyaki pastries laying on a patterned cloth on top of a plate.

    3. Fluffy Japanese Pancakes

    Syrup drizzling over a knob of butter placed on a stack of two fluffy Japanese pancakes.

    4. Dark Chocolate Terrine

    Long rectangular brick of chocolate terrine with one slice laying on its face.

    5. Matcha Mille Crepe Cake

    Dusted matcha mille crepe cake with a protruding slice showing the creme filling.

    6. Dorayaki

    Two halved dorayaki sandwiches, showing their red bean fillings.

    7. Kabocha Shiruko

    Thick sweet porridge with three lumps of shiratama rice dumplings.

    8. Purin

    Japanese pudding in shallow bowl with caramel sauce drizzled over it.

    9. Kasutera Sponge Cake

    Slices of fluffy Kasutera sponge cake.

    10. Green Tea Mochi

    Eight boxes - two columns and four rows - that show all the steps to making a mochi ball.

    11. Chakin Shibori Sweet Potato With Cinnamon

    Dense chakin shibori topped with black sesame seeds.

    12. Strawberry Shiratama Dango

    Bowl filled with Shiratama Dango balls and sliced strawberries, drizzled with condensed milk.

    13. Chocolate Cake Roll

    Two slices of dense chocolate swiss roll cake on a clean plate.

    14. Matcha Pound Cake (Vegan)

    Slices of matcha pound cake laying on top of wire cooling rack.

    15. Sweet Potato Yaki Mochi

    A fresh serving of sweet potato yaki mochi topped with black sesame seeds, with a fork pulling out a piece to show its dense core.

    16. Strawberry Shortcake

    17. Sweet Black Sesame Soup

    Bowl holding a serving of sweet black sesame soup.

    18. Shokupan (Milk Bread)

    Shiny loaves of milk bread.

    19. Matcha Tiramisu

    Tiny wooden spoon scooping up a bit of matcha tiramisu from a wooden box.

    20. Candied Sweet Potatoes

    Fresh candied sweet potatoes topped with black sesame seeds.

    21. Cream Pan

    Several loaves of cream pan stuffed with cream.

    22. Melon Pan

    Loaves of melon bread textured with a criss-cross pattern laying on a cooling rack.

    23. Coffee Jelly

    Glass with coffee jelly topped with whipped cream.

    24. Fluffy Cheesecake

    Fluffy cheesecake

    25. Mitarashi Dango

    Three mochi skewers covered in a sticky sweet soy glaze.

    What's your favorite Japanese dessert? Share in the comments!