People On Twitter Can’t Stop Talking About Chelsea Clinton’s Spinach Pancakes

Wrong, or so wrong it’s right?

1. On Tuesday, March 7, people across the country celebrated National Pancake Day with a delicious stack of syrup-drizzled pancakes.

tarajglick / Via

2. Everywhere, that is, except in Chelsea Clinton’s kitchen. Instead of preparing traditional buttermilk pancakes, the former first daughter made a heaping stack of “spinach pancakes” .

3. Apparently, Clinton made them partly to try and sneak more iron into her daughter’s food.

4. Due to the “pureed spinach” in the mixture, the pancakes were a glowing shade of green, and bore no similarities to the classic buttery, beige breakfast staple.

5. While her daughter may have enjoyed them, Clinton’s green pancakes had her Twitter followers feeling SHOOK.

6. Some people were repulsed:

@sdckg / Via Twitter: @sdckg

9. Or confused:

@Popehat / Via Twitter: @Popehat

11. Many were simply shocked:

@ShakariSBriggs / Via Twitter: @ShakariSBriggs

12. Others came to her rescue, however, defending her decision to improve her daughter’s breakfast:

DemocracyValues / Via Twitter: @DemocracyValues

14. They even provided alternate healthy breakfast ideas:

@poolgoddess918 / Via Twitter: @poolgoddess918

16. If you’re curious about what they might actually taste like, Clinton also provided a brief how-to guide to her special pancakes:

@ChelseaClinton / Via Twitter: @ChelseaClinton
  1. Would you try Chelsea Clinton's spinach pancakes?
    1. Healthy pancakes? I’m in!
    2. *BARF*
    3. With enough butter and maple syrup, anything can taste delicious.

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