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    These Hipster Rose Lattes Take Three Days To Make

    We've reached peak coffee.

    Bia Coffee is a new coffee shop in Los Angeles serving up flower-infused lattes — and they are so. damn. PRETTY.

    @lidiasagastume / Via

    The shop's signature drink is the rose latte, prepared with a dose of housemade syrup and finished with edible floral garnishes.

    @think_n_thank / Via

    The lattes go for $5.40 each and are probably the prettiest caffeinated beverages you'll ever drink 😍.

    According to LAist, the flavor is all in the syrup, which is made by steeping rose petals in a cane sugar and water solution for three days.

    @nuttynomads / Via

    Our BuzzFeed LA taste testers say they "actually taste like roses."

    Even if you're not much of a coffee drinker, you can partake in the ~ethereal floral experience~ with an Italian soda or sparkling limeade or appleade, all three of which can be flavored with rose or lavender.

    five_feet_four / Via

    And obviously, all the options look good enough to be shown off on a window sill 💐.

    kaylemonade / Via

    Much less your Instagram ☝️.

    As for food, Bia also sells rose and lavender cakes, which look just as — if not more — drool-inducing as their beverage counterparts.

    @jee_oh_kola / Via

    And they're doused with whipped cream.

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