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    Baristas Are Revealing The Weirdest Drinks They've Ever Had To Make For Customers, And I'm Speechless

    "The 'Americola': two shots of espresso served over a Coke. Only, this monster ordered it hot. I had to explain we cannot steam sodas."

    If you ever thought you had a strange coffee order, then think again. Redditor u/Chodanmatt asked, "Baristas, what is the weirdest/grossest drink you've seen someone order?" and some of the answers might upset you. You've been warned. 👀


    1. "I once made a woman a small latte. All fine. But then she proceeded to take her latte and pour three packets of mayonnaise in it and then drank it all."


    2. "Two years ago, a lady wanted a latte with Splenda. However, she didn’t actually want Splenda in the latte. She wanted me to open the packet near her latte so that she could get only a 'hint' of Splenda."


    3. "I had a guy hand me his own mug, and I shit you not — he ordered a vanilla latte with 12 shots of espresso.

    Three rows of espresso shot against a bright yellow background, captured from above.
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    "His drink was like $21 and mostly just espresso with a little milk and syrup. He also told me he’d been trying to cut down on caffeine lately."


    4. "Water with whipped cream on top."


    5. "I once had a customer ask for an extra-caramel Frappuccino and to make him regret asking for so much caramel. I put in 15 pumps each of the regular caramel sauce and dark caramel sauce and also covered the entire inside of the cup in drizzle.

    Aerial shot of a Frappucino drizzled with dark chocolate chips, chocolate syrup, and a heart-shaped chocolate piece.
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    "He left the store and then came back in a few minutes later to tell me that was the best drink he's ever had."


    6. "For a hot minute, Starbucks used to have a thing called Chantico, which was marketed as a 'drinking chocolate.' It was basically a cup of melted chocolate, the consistency of thinned brownie batter, and meant to be drunk in 4-ounce cups. A woman came in and ordered a grande. She miraculously survived and came back the next day and ordered a venti.

    "I still don’t know how she choked it down."


    7. "Hands down, it’s the 'Americola.' It’s gross enough as two shots of espresso served over an iced Coca-Cola. Only, this monster ordered it hot. The barista had to explain we cannot steam sodas."

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    8. "A mocha Frappuccino with Coke, Sprite, and strawberry syrup added. When informed we were out of strawberry, they settled for grape as a substitute."


    9. "I once had a college girl order an iced latte 'but, like, with no coffee.' I explained what that would be, and she said that was okay.

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    "The girl happily paid $4 for a 16-ounce cup of milk and ice."


    10. "Coffee with 23.5 Splendas. Not 23, not 24, but 23.5 Splendas exactly."


    11. "I've personally ordered an extra-large, three-cream, five-sugar, and 10-espresso drink. I have NEVER loaded a moving truck that fast in my life."


    12. "Large iced Pumpkin Spice Latte with no ice and heavy cream instead of milk. That’s about 22 ounces of pure heavy cream."

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    13. "I once had a woman order a banana steamed into milk. I will repeat that. A banana. Steamed into milk.

    "We put it in the blender with some milk first and then steamed it in. I really, really hate bananas, so I am against this drink with every fiber of my soul. It stank to high hell."


    14. "A semi-regular used to always order a black coffee and ask for a packet of butter to stir into it. I learned later that this is a thing that some people actually do instead of adding cream. No thanks."

    Mug of coffee with a spoon of butter laying atop the mug. A decorational plant is seen to the top right corner of the photo.
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    15. "Had a customer who routinely asked us to grind him half a pound of beans extremely fine for 'cowboy coffee.' It was basically coffee dust: You sprinkle it in hot water and stir."


    16. "A black coffee with a grind each of salt and pepper. It was weird enough that I decided to try it. It was actually pretty decent."

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    17. "Backstory: I love eggnog, I love macha, I love peppermint. I wanted to make a new drink that embodied the spirit of Christmas. The drink: green tea latte with eggnog instead of milk, with the standard amount of peppermint, and chocolate drizzle on top. The alternative was a cold version with all the same stuff but with chocolate chips in it. We called it the grinch. It was so weird but so good."

    A Christmas-themed Starbucks cup
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    18. "I worked right near a news station, opening shift. One of the newscasters would come in at 5 a.m. sharp every day to order his tea with boiling water and three teabags. The first time I saw him, I gave him hot water. He sent it back and asked for truly bubbling, boiling water. I heated the water to a rolling boil, popped the teabags in, and handed it over. He proceeded to remove the lid, pull the teabags to the side, and drink it all in one go. He did this every day. A power move if I’ve ever seen one."

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    19. "Citrus really complements the taste of coffee. When I had my bakery, we had a drink that was half cold-brew coffee and half soda water with a slice of orange in it. It was really popular.

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    "Most people added a sweetener to it, but we had a regular who would get a couple of them a day with nothing extra. He said it was like drinking a more refreshing, less sweet cola."


    20. "I think my least favorite so far is when someone just orders water and then proceeds to dump all of our half-and-half and miscellaneous toppings and sweeteners onto it to create some sort of watered-down disaster."


    21. "The wall of caramel. It’s exactly what it sounds like, and there was one regular who would literally ask for a wall of caramel drizzle around the edge. She would get it twice a day."

    Glass jar filled with caramel, placed atop a wooden board. There is also a spoon and Moka Pot in the background of the photo.
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    22. "This lady came once, ordered a dry cappuccino with the foam on the bottom and espresso on top. I was fucking speechless. She then proceeded to complain how everybody else can do it but us. Never had I ever gotten this flabbergasted by someone's idiocracy."


    23. "I once had a lady order a 'puppy-chino,' as she called it, which was just a bit of whipped cream in a cup for her dog."

    Small dog licking cream from a plastic cup marked with the Starbucks logo.
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    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    What's the weirdest coffee order you've ever taken — or ordered yourself? Share in the comments!