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    21 Quick Fixes For Baking Mistakes You're Probably Making

    For a tender and flaky pie crust, use a lard recipe.

    1. Scooping batter without spraying your scooper first.

    2. Softening butter in a microwave.

    3. Filling a piping bag without the aid of a cup.

    4. Using vegetable oil in your cake mix.

    5. Baking extra cookie dough.

    6. Baking cakes that are too rounded to frost and layer.

    7. Limiting yourself to butter and vegetable oil.

    8. Storing cookies in an empty container.

    9. Chipping away at hardened brown sugar.

    10. Throwing away burnt muffins.

    11. Limiting yourself to traditional icing.

    12. Buying an expensive rolling pin.

    13. Making whipped cream in a bowl.

    14. Waiting for your cookies to settle.

    15. Relying on muffin liners.

    16. Using frosting to write numbers or words.

    17. Baking cookies without chilling them first.

    18. Wasting money on cake release.

    19. Making your pie crusts with butter.

    20. Squeezing citrus fruits fresh out of the fridge.

    21. Not sifting your flour.