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This Is How You Cook Perfect Scrambled Eggs, According To Anthony Bourdain

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Everyone knows how to make scrambled eggs.

You just whisk up some eggs, plop them on a pan, and — bam! Scrambled eggs, the best single-ingredient breakfast there ever was.

But according to chef, travel show host, and general badass Anthony Bourdain, there's a way* to make scrambled eggs that's better than the others.

In a video interview with Tech Insider, he gave the full step-by-step:

Start off by heating your pan — but not too much.

Crack fresh eggs on a flat surface and into a bowl.

Add salt and pepper into the mixture — but no water or any kind of cream.

Beat the eggs until you get a "ripple of white and yellow throughout."

Add a generous slice of butter to your hot pan and let it melt, or "foam."

Place the eggs in the buttered pan and let them cook for a bit.

Create texture by pushing the mixture around in a figure-8 pattern.

Finish cooking when you have "something fluffy, airy, rippled, with a nice textural note when you taste the egg."

And there you have it — a guide to making the perfect scrambled eggs, and at least five new ways to describe eggs. To watch the whole video, check out the Tech Insider video below:

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