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    15 Potato Hacks You'll Wish You'd Learned A Whole Lot Sooner

    Never met a potato I didn't like.

    1. Save a ton of time by making baked potatoes in the microwave — instead of the oven or stove.

    2. To quickly peel potatoes, run a sharp blade around the middle of your potatoes before boiling them.

    3. Make potato chips by slicing them on a mandolin and microwaving them for 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

    4. Fry up potato slices and use them as an ingredient in a grilled cheese sandwich.

    5. For a new take on fried potatoes, make squashed potatoes.

    6. Fix an overly salty soup by adding a quartered potato to absorb the excess sodium.

    7. For extra-flavorful mashed potatoes, boil potatoes in a mixture of cream, butter, and olive oil (instead of water), then blend the potato water with the potatoes.

    8. Make sweet potato gnocchi using a mix of mashed sweet potatoes and flour.

    9. Slice up sweet potatoes to make a nutritious alternative to toast.

    10. Make croutons by chopping sweet potatoes into extra-small cubes and roasting them for an extra few minutes.

    11. Slice potatoes into short rounds to make quick Super Bowl finger food.

    12. Have eggs and flour? Make leftover mashed potato waffles.

    13. Make mashed potato cups and fill 'em with cheese.

    14. Use leftover potato water to make gravy.

    15. Make DOUGHNUTS!