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    We Trained Like Cirque Du Soleil Performers And It Was Freaking Hard

    Who knew fulfilling a childhood dream would be so physically demanding.

    You may have heard of the world phenomenon Cirque Du Soleil, where performers can be seen doing mind-blowing shit like this:

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    On the first day we met our coaches: Aloysia Gavre (aerial choreographer and Cirque Du Soleil alum) and Lauren Stark (professional aerialist) from Cirque School LA.

    And within the first half hour, we were already upside down on a trapeze.

    The first day was a bit of a struggle, getting used to having a metal pole wedged in very uncomfortable and *intimate* places.

    As the week progressed, not only was the physical aspect of training very tiring, but also, we were experiencing different types of pain and bruising on our hands and the backs of our knees.

    As we started to get *somewhat* comfortable flying around in the air, they pulled a fast one on us on day three — our final act was to SHARE a double's trapeze.

    As the training continued, fatigue set in, but we had to keep pushing.

    Even on the final performance day, Aloysia was wary about how we'd do.

    We were so nervous to perform in front of our coworkers, with all the lights and makeup and pressure. But it turned out pretty badass.

    We learned so much about teamwork and have an INCREDIBLE amount of respect for the people who train their entire lives for these performances.

    We were thankful for the chance to fulfill this childhood dream as adults.

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