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Posted on Oct 6, 2015

We Gave Up Masturbation For A Month And It Completely Changed Us


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For some reason, we convinced a bunch of people to give up masturbation for a month. This is how they fared:

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Before the month began, the participants were not looking forward to it.

But they were hoping there would be benefits to this lifestyle change.

As the month got underway, there were challenges:

By the halfway point, a lot of them were complaining about being stressed out and moody.

Let's just say they weren't happy.

Some of the participants worked out more because of it, while some of them actually started eating more junk.

Either way, they were starting to lose it.

But when it was all over and done with, they seemed to be proud of themselves and more in control.

Some of the participants even recommended it to others!

Not this guy, though. He thinks you should just go live in the mountains with monks if you want to master your mind and body.