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    This Video Shows 7 Hours Of Henna Tattoos In 95 Seconds And It's Mesmerizing

    Teach me, PLEASE.

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    Witness a 95-second video of artist, Neha Assar, slaying the art of henna tattooing. It's literally the most mesmerizing thing:

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    Neha Assar is a respected makeup artist and hair stylist. She has been doing henna tattoos for 20 years and is known for her improvised styles.

    She's pretty much a goddess.

    Henna is a plant-based temporary tattoo that has been practiced for over 5,000 years. It's used for celebrations, weddings, festivals, and everyday style.

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    When you watch how detailed each part of the tattoo is, you’re mesmerized from the very beginning…

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    And that was just ONE ARM.

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    Can’t. Stop. Watching.

    And don't forget that this was SEVEN HOURS of talent somehow condensed to 95 seconds.

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    And the final results are absolutely stunning.

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    Slay honey, slayyyyy.

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    Literal hair flips, all damn day.