These Mothers Got Head-To-Toe Makeovers And It Revitalized Their Self-Confidence

    "I encourage people to take time for self-care."

    Being a mother is definitely amazing, but it can also be difficult to make time for self-expression through style. So, we decided to give these new mothers (and grandmothers) their dream makeovers:

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    Lindsey is a mother of one who has always loved the boho-rocker chic style. Since having her baby, she feels like she hasn’t focused on her personal style and that her current clothes are “too young.” She wanted her new style to still be boho but with a "classier" twist.

    Traci was a nanny for a long time before becoming a mother herself. She described her previous clothing as comfortable but stylish, and wanted to break her habit of just wearing whatever she could best cover up with.

    Olga is a mother and a grandmother. She felt that she "neglected her look" to take care of her children and grandchildren. She described her younger self as "sexy" and wanted to channel Jennifer Lopez's style and confidence.

    Sara's story is especially unique because her child, Jackson, has been in and out of the hospital constantly since birth. She likes her style to be sophisticated, clean, and functional.

    Let the transformations begin!

    Lindsey's look played up the soft, earthy boho look she loves with just a kick of cool girl:

    Traci got a blunt bob to bring some structure to her look, as well as some subtle accessories and layers to modernize her casual look:

    Olga got a fresh, glowy look to reflect her warm and fun personality in her clothes:

    And Sara got a fierce but functional look with dramatic eyes and contoured cheeks to bring out the sophistication she loves:

    All the women rocked their new looks and had a new sense of self-confidence. They reminded themselves that self-care is important and that they are worth it. Damn straight!