People Tried Stabbing An Olympic Fencer And Pretty Much Got Owned

    "I just fended for my life."

    It would be such a dream to compete with an Olympian, right? Well, when it comes to fencing an Olympian... shit gets so real, so fast:

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    We asked Monica Aksamit, an Olympic bronze medalist, to grace us with her fencing abilities and challenge some regular people to a duel.

    And these poor suckers actually thought they were prepared for what was coming.

    Some were even a little cocky.

    But when it was time to fence... our volunteers really didn't stand a chance.

    Tania was even feeling the fragility of her own mortality after the duel.

    But all was not lost for our Average Joes... Robin did score ONE WHOLE POINT!

    And for everyone else? Well, this pretty much sums it up: