What Happens When You Put Teeth In Soda

    From white to brown in five days.

    Whether you call it soda or pop, people are ~super~ passionate about consuming soft drinks. We showed avid soda drinkers what soda does to teeth after soaking them in soda for five days and people had deep feelings!

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    BuzzFeed Blue / Via youtube.com

    First, our soda drinkers were very proud of their daily habit...

    ...Like, for REAL!

    So, we decided to throw some clean white teeth into a vat of cola and show the soda sluggers the results.

    And it went from pride to disgust REAL QUICK:

    Some folks were seriously REPULSED!

    Others nearly barfed:

    But this guy was all about the scent...

    After seeing the devastating change in color... was that enough to change their minds?

    Guess not...

    But this fella was CHANGED.

    And this girl was only slightly convinced.

    Here's the progression over five days. Just gonna let that sit here and fizzle: