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NBCUniversal's Launches New Kids Network!

When the television network Sprout decided to rebrand itself, execs looked for a name synonymous with family, adventure, and well…. of course, fun! That brand is none other than Universal!

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Dubbed Universal Kids, NBCUniversal's newest network targets kids between the ages of 2-12, and celebrates everything “Universal” about being a kid!

As Deirdre Brennan, General Manager of Universal Kids tells us, “It’s all about celebrating being a kid. The firsts, the fun, the freedom of finding your way in the world.”

And what better way to kick off its launch than with the wildly popular Top Chef spin-off, geared to, who else…. KIDS! Hosts Vanessa Lachey and Curtis Stone take the reins in this culinary competition filled with flavorful feasts!

Cooking is the new cool, and the network hones in on kid's culinary aspirations. Not only does the show step away from teen filled drama, but it redirects these kids and their energy to a positive outlet. And, serves as an inspiration to other tweens and teens, that it's never too late to follow your dreams.

Meet Audrey!

This 12-year-old from Zachary, Louisiana hits on a hot trend! Gluten free cooking. Because Audrey has Celiac Disease, she has been inspired to transform her favorite dishes from all over (especially the south) to Gluten Free.

Meet Henry

This refined culinarian from Naperville, Illinois probably quite the distinguished palate! One of the first things Henry cooked was French Onion soup, which he created alongside his father. From then on it was ‘Cuisine Francaise’ for this kid! The self-described French specialist enjoys the technique stemming from French cuisine, and it shows in his creations.

Meet Fuller

Fuller's determination and perseverance shines both in and out of the kitchen. He has bravely beaten cancer on three different occasions. If that’s not inspiring enough, this southern lad can give put a barbeque spin on just about any cuisine, from stir fry to egg rolls. Could this passion for all things barbeque stem from his Tuscaloosa, Alabama roots? Seems so!

Meet Kenzie

This girl is going places! The 12-year-old Midlothian, Texas native is already interning at a fine dining establishment. I guess that is the next logical step when you start cooking at the early age of 3.

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