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It's Hard Not To Fall In Love With Zendaya's Cutest Instagram Posts Of All Time

She always understands the assignment.

When it comes to Instagram-worthy content, Zendaya has it nailed down to a T.

Zendaya in London
Tim P. Whitby / Getty Images for Warner Bros

Not only is she one of Hollywood's most intriguing A-listers, but she's also got her fashion on lock pretty much everywhere she goes.

Zendaya in Venice
Barcroft Media / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

We've rounded up some of Zendaya's most memorable IG posts to ever grace our social media feeds. Check them out below:

1. To start, this statement-making look features a fierce green fit:

2. This too cute for words black-and-white snapshot:

3. This IG-worthy customized jacket:

4. This retro '70s vibe:

5. This behind-the-scenes look at The Greatest Showman:

6. This mirror magic selfie:

7. This euphoric photograph all about soaking up the moment:

8. This aesthetically pleasing all-red ensemble:

9. This candid video where Zendaya showed off her catwalk skills:

10. This throwback photo when she was a sweet little tot:

11. This photo shoot with her furry friend Noon:

12. This winter wonderland shoot in Brooklyn:

13. This selfie showcasing those perfectly beachy waves:

14. This #OOTD IG post:

15. This time she was taking in the sights around the globe:

16. This exciting time her family couldn't resist documenting:

17. This portrait that's pretty much brow goals:

18. This adorbs clip of her living her best life on vacay:

19. Finally, this breathtaking photo that proves Zendaya absolutely slays every photo shoot she's in: