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    18 Fans That Were Obsessed With Zach Gilford's Performance In Netflix's "Midnight Mass"

    Because Riley Flynn is just another reason to watch the show.

    Midnight Mass is here to kick off your spooky season, and people can't help but talk about Zach Gilford's killer performance as Riley Flynn.

    Zach Gilford in Midnight Mass

    If you didn't already love him for roles in Friday Night Lights and Good Girls (to name a few), he's bound to win you over now.

    Zach Gilford in Midnight Mass

    We've rounded up all the fans raving over Zach's portrayal in Midnight Mass so far. Check them out below:


    Riley Flynn, best boy in the world, so true. #MidnightMass

    Twitter: @Altlivias


    Zach Gilford delivering that soft, unsentimental monologue about death in Episode 4 of Midnight Mass...

    Twitter: @sageyoungest


    I’m a giant wimp about horror but I’m gonna watch Midnight Mass because it’s been a minute since Zach Gilford made me feeeeeeeeeeeel

    Twitter: @crystalkei


    Kate Siegel and Zach Gilford can literally have a movie where they talk for two hours straight and I would be engrossed from start to finish.

    Netflix / Twitter: @MegaBlade05


    Zach Gilford is going to get the Emmy nom he was denied for Friday Night Lights, for #MidnightMass.

    Twitter: @xoxoCorinne


    Zach Gilford has a whole Dean Winchester look going in Midnight Mass and it suits him.

    Netflix / Twitter: @TheEricGoldman


    Special appreciation for this guy who brought so much warmth and heart to the show and made us Zach Gilford. What a SUPERB performance 👏👏👏👏👏👏 #midnightmass

    Netflix / Twitter: @bookishlynni


    Netflix / Twitter: @twylascnds


    there's a lot to unpack about midnight mass but i just wanted to say i could watch riley and erin talk for hours

    Netflix / Twitter: @weyesbleed


    me shooting deep into the ether upon hearing riley’s explanation of what happens when we die #MidnightMass

    Nickelodeon / Twitter: @teamxgina


    We finally started Midnight Mass and honestly the most relatable thing about Zach Gilford’s character so far is the Dana Scully poster in his teenage bedroom.

    Netflix / Twitter: @carlylane


    Zach Gilford is giving career-best performance in #MidnightMass

    Netflix / Twitter: @charlesremender


    Netflix / Twitter: @morggnw


    The "What happens after you die?" monologue given by Zach Gilford in #MidnightMass is what I'd give to religious people trying not to offend them. It's poetic yet deeply rooted in realism. For me, that entire scene was the highlight of the series.

    Netflix / Twitter: @ilovemoviesmor1


    The entire ensemble of Midnight Mass has just honestly been ridiculous outstanding 🔥🔥, but it's especially so good to finally see Zach Gilford in another breakthrough role like this. So glad Mike Flanagan already has him lined up for his next series with The Midnight Club.

    Netflix / Twitter: @willmovies



    some valid points were made by riley flynn from midnight mass

    Netflix / Twitter: @ilalalang


    Netflix / @amazighbuffyofrivia / Via

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