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    These 22 Disney World Hacks Will Make Your Next Vacation One To Remember

    Get ready to become a Walt Disney World expert.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their best Walt Disney World tips and hacks. Here are the most savvy responses.

    1. Plan your visit during the "off season" to avoid crowds:

    2. Save extra money by taking advantage of free water:

    "Always ask for a large cup of ice water instead of buying bottled water. They will not say no!"


    3. Or bring a CamelBak to stay hydrated in the humidity:

    "Take a CamelBak! Fill it up with ice and a little bit of water before you head to the parks. By the time you’re there, the ice will have melted and the water is nice and cold. It’s not only a lifesaver, but it saves you money and the hassle of having to stop to buy water bottles."


    4. Schedule your Fast Passes strategically:

    5. Use the Extra Magic Hour if you can:

    "If your hotel accommodations are on Disney property, take advantage of the Extra Magic Hour. You can gain access to different parks early on specific days before those staying off-property. It gives you a little extra time to beat the lines for your favorite rides!"


    6. Ride popular attractions right when the park opens:

    "Try to get there as soon as the park opens and head straight to the more popular rides. We did this and got on the Haunted Mansion and Big Thunder Mountain in about an hour."


    7. Avoid the Christmas rush by planning your visit a few weeks earlier:

    "We love going in December so we make our trip the week or two before Christmas. You get all the holiday decorations, music, special events, and shorter wait times without the ridiculous crowds that come in a few days before Christmas."


    8. Plan time to rest in between busy days at the park:

    "Plan a rest day in your trip, especially if it’s a longer one. You will get exhausted and cranky without one."


    9. Opt for the single rider line to cut wait times:

    10. If you have kids, use Rider Switch:

    11. Save cash by parking at Disney Springs:

    "My family would always park at Disney Springs and take advantage of the bus transportation to the parks. It's free!"


    12. Save money by splitting meals:

    "Most of the entrees at the counter-service restaurants are more than enough food for two adults, especially if they come with sides. You will save a bundle."


    13. Look out for freebies when you're celebrating a special occasion:

    14. Avoid crazy crowds on Main Street by walking through the Emporium:

    "If you’re trying to make your way through Main Street and it’s packed, go through the Emporium. The stores are all connected and you can walk through the entirety of Main Street quickly as opposed to shoving (or rather being shoved) by other people. Life. Changing."


    15. Check for special discounts for military members:

    "If you or a member of your family is in the military, you can get discounts on hotels and park tickets (tickets need to be purchased on your local base because they're not sold at the parks). There is even a resort that is only for military families called Shades of Green, which is just as discounted."


    16. Bring spare change to create Disney-themed pressed pennies:

    17. Ask about last-minute cancellations at restaurants:

    "If you couldn't get a reservation at the restaurant you wanted, you can go to the restaurant first thing in the morning and speak with a cast member. They might be able to find you a table later in the day because there are always last-minute cancellations."


    18. Avoid lengthy lines in Pandora – The World of Avatar by arriving extra early to the park:

    19. Buy ponchos before your visit:

    "When you go on Splash Mountain, get ponchos in advance at CVS or Walgreens instead of buying expensive ones before getting on the ride."


    20. Make your breakfast reservations as early in the morning as possible:

    21. Don't try to tackle all of the parks in a single day:

    "Make sure you dedicate an entire day to the Magic Kingdom because you can’t do all parks in one day. Don’t let anybody tell you differently."


    22. And finally, get an Annual Pass if you plan to visit Walt Disney World frequently:

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    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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