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19 Hilarious Pranks Siblings Have Pulled On Each Other

Just a little brotherly and sisterly love.

1. This sister who pranked her brother with the funniest gift ever:

My sister thinks she's funny....

2. This sister who gifted her sibling with the perfect man for Valentine's Day:

My sister thinks she's reeeeeeeeal funny!! Happy Valentines Day y'all! 😝

3. This brother who put his sister's Beautyblender in a secret spot:

My brother thinks he's funny.. Couldn't find my beauty blender and my brother kept saying that thing that looks like an egg, I checked and..

4. This prankster who left a chaotic webbed maze for her sister to walk into:

5. This brother who ruined his sister's midnight snack by swapping a chocolate candy bar for butter:

6. This brother who took a game of Battleship super seriously:

MY BROTHER IS 9. We are playing battleship and this kid thinks he’s so funny

7. This brother who secretly unplugged his sister's charger:

8. This brother who unapologetically shot water in his older brother's face:

My brother thinks he's funny smh. Showing me a "magic trick"

9. These siblings who got revenge for not getting to ride shotgun:

This is why I actually hate my siblings @emcglincheyyy @timmcg98

10. This brother who mocked his sister's selfie:

11. This brother who made a DIY bandage to repair his sister's car:

My brother accidentally pulled my handle off again and now he thinks he's funny.

12. This brother who posted a sneaky before and after of his sister:

13. These brothers who left a creepy-crawly surprise for their sister:

Out of 365 days in a year, my brothers use 7 to practice their direct sibling teamwork—for a week-long prank. The other 358 are spent planning it from opposite ends of the hall. #SockItTueMe #TuesLine #BookishTues

14. This guy's sibling who teased him with a cruel pizza prank:

15. This brother who came up with this clever way to lock his sister in her room:

16. This sister who put a massive fake spider on her brother's head:

17. This sister who fell victim to a sibling portrait makeover:

18. This sister who made it impossible for her siblings to use the TP:

19. And finally, this sister who farted right in her brother's face: