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    19 Killer Jokes, Memes, And Tweets About The "Scream" Franchise That Are Impossible Not To Laugh At

    Don't answer the phone... Ghostface might be calling.

    Welcome back to Woodsboro.

    Neve Campbell and Courteney Cox in Scream 5

    Scream is officially back in theaters, and '90s slasher fans couldn't be more excited to see Ghostface back onscreen.

    If you've always loved the horror franchise, I've rounded up a bunch of killer tweets, memes, and jokes made just for the fans. Take a look:



    Get in loser, it's time for #ScreamMovie

    Twitter: @GhostfaceTalks_



    The vibe at tonight’s screening #ScreamMovie #Scream5

    Twitter: @WatchedByHagan


    Paramount Pictures / Twitter: @HorrorQueenNeve


    Me going to a #SCREAM movie knowing people are going to die but still being shocked at each and every death:

    Dimension Films / Twitter: @anst4n


    #SCREAM fans when Sidney first showed up onscreen

    Dimension Films / VH1 / Twitter: @TheScreamSeries


    We need to acknowledge that Sidney Prescott was not just a survivor of serial killers, but a survivor of chronic neck pain.

    Dimension Films / Twitter: @kurt_inthe_city


    us horror geeks spotting those easter eggs left and right #ScreamMovie

    Sony Pictures Releasing / Twitter: @thecroakerqueen


    The people in Woodsborough watching their neighbors get murdered by Ghostface knowing they have no connection to Sidney Prescott or any of the Legacies. #Scream #ScreamMovie #Scream5

    Twitter: @kennaymart


    Me sharing my birthday with the Scream premiere this year… #Ghostface #ScreamMovie

    Twitter: @KPrry490


    Ghostface keeping dry on the set of Scream is too cute

    Twitter: @JoePassmore


    girl in the opening of a scream movie: I don’t like horror movies ghostface:

    Twitter: @kingsmillirving


    Every Ghostface killer in a Scream movie moments before they get shot in the head:

    Twitter: @DoctorWolfula


    When ‘red right hand’ starts playing in a Scream movie

    PBS / Twitter: @samfickman


    Scream 5 confirmed that Kirby Reed survived getting stabbed in Scream 4 and that she is alive and thriving.

    Peacock / NBC / Twitter: @mikeylatorella


    When the "For Wes" came on screen #ScreamMovie #Scream5

    Twitter: @montyelmyra


    I’d survive scream bc i don’t answer the phone ever

    Twitter: @__bosssbitch


    The way I was mad about Scream 5 being called Scream then the movie made a joke about it

    Twitter: @retrojected

    Horror fans: What's your favorite Scream movie? Let us know in the comments!

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