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    17 Easy Ways To Keep The Spark In Your Long-Distance Relationship

    Make the miles feel like nothing.

    Anyone who has ever been in a long-distance relationship before knows it comes with its own set of unique difficulties and obstacles. While most couples who have the luxury of seeing each other throughout the week, that's not always the case for others.

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    Whether you're cities, states or even countries apart, long-distance relationships require some creativity and planning in order to keep that spark alive and burning.

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    We've rounded up some tips for all the long-distance lovers out there. Check them out below and let us know your favorite tips in the comments!

    1. First, make sure to pick up the phone regularly.

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    Communication is key when you're far apart. Whether you're talking about your day or just making each other laugh, hearing your significant other's voice is always a nice treat.

    2. Set aside time for date nights even though you're not face-to-face.

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    From eating dinner to wine tasting over FaceTime, quality time is essential even if it's done virtually.

    3. Shoot them a "good morning" and/or "good night" text.

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    Remembering little things like this goes further than you think.

    4. FaceTime each other often.

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    Luckily, we're in the age of the wifi so video chatting with your loved one is a lot easier than ever. Plus, there's nothing quite like seeing your SO's face when you're missing them.

    5. Keep things spicy with dirty talk or adding sex toys into the mix.


    Although you may not be able to be intimate IRL regularly, you can find other ways to keep each other entertained. Plus, it'll help build up anticipation until you two see each once more.

    6. Take the time to mail hand written letters or postcards.

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    An old school tradition that will still make hearts flutter.

    7. Prepare a thoughtful care package.

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    Add things like their favorite foods, candles, mementos and other essentials that reminder you of your SO.

    8. Plan out a virtual movie night.

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    Whether you're using Netflix Party, Zoom or Houseparty, there's an array of apps where you can sync your streams so you both don't miss a beat.

    9. Start a couples journal and send it back and forth to each other.

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    You can pick one out that already has prompts or be creative and come up with your own.

    10. Create a customized playlist.

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    Serenade them to the tune of their favorite song by creating a playlist on Spotify, burning a CD or even taking it back with a good ol' mixtape.

    11. Plan a surprise visit when they'd least expect it.

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    Who says you always need a special occasion to visit? Sometimes "just because" is even better.

    12. Take turns visiting one another.

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    It'll be a good change of pace and scenery outside of the every day norm. Plus, it means you both put in equal effort and no one is traveling more than the other.

    13. And start mapping out a tentative visit schedule.

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    This gives you something to look forward to every time you say, "see you later." You can budget out flights, plan out cool things to do or even base it around a holiday or birthday.

    14. Or send some "just because" flowers.

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    It'll show your thoughtfulness and is a nice surprise when you're at work or getting home from a long day.

    15. Maximize your time as much as possible when you're together.

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    It goes without saying, but because your days in person are limited you have to make the most of them as much as you can.

    16. But still make time to do your own thing while you're apart.

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    Stay focused on your own goals and hobbies while also supporting your SO to do the same. Having the distance between you shouldn't mean you stop your daily routine.

    17. Finally, live in the moment and don't worry about the what ifs.

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    Trust and honesty are essential in every relationship no matter if you're long distance or not. Being apart will sometimes build in hidden insecurities, but follow your heart and keep the lines of communication open. While not every long-distance relationship is guaranteed to last, you may end up surprising yourself that the miles were more than worth it.

    What are your go-to tips for long-distance love? Let us know in the comments!