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    19 Funny As Hell Tweets That'll Convince You To Go See "Jackass Forever" If You Haven't Already

    The Jackass crew isn't done quite yet.

    Welcome back to Jackass.

    Wee Man in Jackass Forever

    The OG crew including Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, and Wee Man have returned for even more chaos in Jackass Forever, and many are saying this is the best of the franchise to date.

    Machine Gun Kelly, Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O in Jackass Forever

    Here are some of the most memorable fan reactions to the latest installment so far. Take a look at these tweets:


    *crushing on Johnny Knoxville* 8 yr old me vs 28 yr old me #jackassforever

    Nickelodeon / Twitter: @rebeckuh


    i loved jackass forever so much it’s the first time I’ve experienced joy since 2008

    Twitter: @LucyXIV


    yesterday went to see jackass forever and then watched an episode of euphoria at home, could possibly be the most penises I’ve seen in one day

    Twitter: @meladoodle


    Saw Jackass Forever last night and the funniest part was how much Johnny Knoxville looks like Jamie Lee Curtis

    Twitter: @jonnittiFGC


    Twitter: @SheaSerrano


    Twitter: @ProZD


    I was going to take my husband ice skating for our early Valentine’s date but I realized if this was truly supposed to be a present for him and not myself we should probably do something he’s want to do. So that’s how I ended up seeing #jackassforever for Valentine’s Day

    Paramount Pictures / Twitter: @CaitTrottier_MD


    JACKASS FOREVER (Tremaine): three good scenes and no bad scenes

    Twitter: @brofromanother


    jackass forever should have been nominated for best cinematography

    Twitter: @NotABigJerk


    Saw Jackass Forever. Johnny Knoxville with white hair...unspeakably hot.

    Twitter: @LukeVParon


    #jackassforever in the cinema has to be one of the best theatre experiences I’ve ever had. Everyone just collectively losing their shit at the madness was amazing.

    Twitter: @JamesCowan96


    #JackassForever was the perfect escape for 90 minutes. I haven’t laughed that hard in a theater in years. I feel 13 again.

    Paramount Pictures / Twitter: @MetalcoreNerds


    #jackassforever was so fuckin’ funny, my gut hurts from laughing so much 😂

    Twitter: @J_philly92


    jackass forever needs a trigger warning for the machine gun kelly jumpscare

    Twitter: @IzzzyzzzArt


    Can’t believe it’s 20 years of Jackass- my son grew up watching these films we laughed like drains at these cheery loons - utterly hilarious , brilliant set pieces and the Silence of the Lambs sketch is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while #jackassforever

    Twitter: @BillBailey


    Taking your partner to see #jackassforever great way to spend valentines weekend

    Twitter: @JasperDolphin


    Paramount Pictures / Twitter: @ChicagoTA1967


    Saw #jackassforever tonight. People got hurt, I laughed, goal achieved.

    Twitter: @PatGwpg


    #JackassForever best film of 2022 no I won’t elaborate

    Paramount Pictures / Twitter: @MadSoprano_

    What did you think of Jackass Forever? Let us know in the comments!