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    19 People Just Got Brutally Honest About The Foods They Intentionally Cook "Wrong," And Some Of These May Surprise You

    Sometimes cooking the "wrong" way is actually the right way.

    When it comes to cooking our favorite dishes, we all have our own special way of doing things.

    A woman and a child cooking in a restaurant in "No Reservations"

    So when Reddit user u/ThymeandGarlic asked, "Is there a food you intentionally cook 'wrong'?" foodies from all over chimed in with their responses.

    A young chef in "Ratatouille"

    From purposefully burning things to adding even more than the recipe calls for, here are the most memorable responses to the thread. Take a look:

    1. "I much prefer burnt popcorn."

    burnt popcorn

    2. "I was drunk one night making tacos and halfway through realized we had no I changed it to sloppy Joes, but already had put in the taco seasoning. We liked it so much that we make 'taco Joes' as a regular thing now."

    3. "Way too much vinegar in everything. I would never serve my salad dressing to guests, but I definitely love that sour pucker."

    4. "I burn my grilled cheese sandwiches. I grew up with a mother who always burned them, so it's become a comfort flavor for me."

    grilled cheese sandwich

    5. "I like my pasta overdone. Like not mushy but definitely past al dente."

    pasta cooking

    6. "Mushy cereal and melting ice cream. Just leave it on the counter for like 10 minutes."

    7. "I intentionally burn my rice. I think the crispy part is very tasty."

    bowl of rice

    8. "Way too much black pepper in everything."

    black pepper

    9. "I like my meat f*cking charred. No red juices."

    burnt meat on BBQ

    10. "I bake drop biscuits a little too long, as I like them extra crunchy."

    11. "Hella. Vanilla. Never measure it. Just hella vanilla."

    12. "I like thick pancakes with just a bit of gooey batter in the middle. Like a custard pancake."

    13. "I prefer risotto overcooked. I like the extra-mushiness, almost like mashed potato instead of individual rice grains."

    a plate of risotto on a table

    14. "I like my bacon one step below burned. Like when I bite into it, it better crunch and crumble into tiny pieces."

    15. "I intentionally overcook pizza until the cheese gets crispy."

    a burnt pizza

    16. "I drain the water out of my ramen and eat it like a pasta rather than a soup. My girlfriend makes fun of me for my 'dry ramen,' but I can't eat it any other way."

    dry ramen noodles

    17. "I like my scrambled eggs overcooked too. I like a little browning on the egg pieces."

    cooking eggs

    18. "Honestly? I like my chicken a little dry. Obviously not hard to swallow dry, but I don’t enjoy a really juicy chicken breast, tenderloin, etc."

    chicken wings

    19. "I don't cook my SpaghettiOs. I eat them cold, straight out of the can."

    What would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments!