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    18 Hilarious Tweets About Joe And Love's Therapist That Are So On Point You Can't Help But Laugh

    She sure loved a good ol' murder reference.

    If you've navigated through the chaotic twists and turns of the latest season of You, you'll remember meeting Dr. Chandra (aka Joe and Love's couples therapist).

    Netflix / Via

    She's tasked with helping the deadly duo unpack all of their marital baggage, while also throwing in a murder reference almost every chance she can. If only the doc actually knew what they were trying to tell her...

    Netflix / Via

    From the point that she mistakenly pegged Joe and Love as not being murderers, the hilarious social media posts were not far behind. We've rounded up the funniest tweets regarding Dr. Chandra that are guaranteed to make you laugh. Check them out below:


    Joe and Love’s therapist reading that article at the end of the season #YouNetflix #YOUSEASON3

    Twitter: @kristiannoelle


    therapist: “you are many things, but you’re not murderers! 😁” joe & love: #YouNetflix #YouS3 #YOUSEASON3

    Twitter: @nyaaathreatt


    #YouNetflix #YOUSEASON3 This therapist got Joe like

    Twitter: @verbalvelocity


    Dr Chandra the therapist reading the news like #YouNetflix #YOUSEASON3 #YouS3

    Netflix / Twitter: @booitscaitlin


    Only if therapist knew #younetflix #YOUSEASON3 #You

    Netflix / Twitter: @folkore_8


    How the relationship therapist was supposed to react to both Joe and Love during their session… #YouNetflix #YOUSEASON3

    New Line Cinema / Twitter: @crissy_cee


    #YouNetflix #YOUSEASON3 #YouS3 Joe and Love’s therapist after seeing what happens to them at the end:

    Twitter: @junwonshu


    The therapist really thought she did something #younetflix

    Twitter: @protectSaka


    joe and love’s therapist seeing what happened to them in #YOUSEASON3 @YouNetflix

    Twitter: @maybanqs


    Joe and Love’s therapist when she found out what really happened #YouNetflix #YOUSEASON3

    Twitter: @ZammMjswife


    Me everytime the therapist makes a murder pun.. #YouNetflix #YouS3

    Twitter: @geeondruh


    Episode 2: Therapist: The good news is neither one of you is going to kill your spouse Episode 10: #YouNetflix #YOUSEASON3

    Netflix / Twitter: @BornInKampala


    The therapist when she reads the headlines and realises what they had actually been getting at during their sessions #YouNetflix

    Twitter: @AngieH1980


    This therapist’s license is questionable #YouNetflix

    Netflix / Twitter: @tvgoldtweets


    #YouNetflix Love and Joe's therapist at the end of the season:

    Twitter: @Mavi084


    joe and love's therapist reading that article written in the finale #YouNetflix

    Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Twitter: @missanyaaaaa


    Therapist: “You two aren’t really capable of murder.” Joe & Love: #YouNetflix

    Twitter: @quardeay


    Joe and Love's therapist reading the post realising they weren't talking about a vase #YOUSEASON3 #YouNetflix #You

    Twitter: @elbow_house

    How did you feel about the therapist in You Season 3? Let us know in the comments!