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    The Most Unforgettable Moments From The Final Season Of "Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina"

    What a hell of a season.

    🚨WARNING: Major spoilers ahead!🚨

    If you're anything like me, you rang in 2021 by binge-watching Part 4 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The 8-episode final season dropped on Dec. 31 and has climbed to the Top 10 most-watched list on Netflix.

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    With it being the last season of CAOS, it came as no surprise that there were some seriously jaw-dropping and memorable scenes from start to finish.

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    So, here are some of the most iconic Part 4 moments below:

    1. In Episode 1, Sabrina and Caliban steal the show in Hell with their killer dance number:

    Sabrina and Caliban dancing

    2. The two Sabrinas show us what BFF goals really are:

    The two Sabrinas having a dance party

    3. The horror-inspired wedding nuptials for Aunt Hilda and Dr. Cerberus' much anticipated big day at the altar:

    Aunt Hilda and Dr. Cerberus getting married

    4. The serious Lydia Deetz vibes we're feeling when Sabrina Morningstar is wearing her red wedding dress:

    Sabrina in a red wedding dress and veil

    5. When Roz discovers the truth that she's actually a witch:

    Ros talking to Mambo Michele Marie LeFleur

    6. When we meet the new Weird Sisters that takeover the CAOS universe:

    Rosalind Walker, Prudence Blackwood, Mambo Michele Marie LeFleur. allow me to reintroduce you to The Weird Sisters.

    7. When Sabrina and Roz decide to form their co-presidency campaign around being witches and ultimately win the title:

    Sabrina passing out election fliers at Baxter High

    8. When Prudence finally gets her sweet revenge against Father Blackwood:

    Prudence after she stabs Father Blackwood

    9. That moment when Nick declares that him and Sabrina are "endgame":


    10. When Nick surprisingly transfers to Baxter High and starts rocking that letterman jacket:

    Nick and Sabrina talking in a library

    11. And how about Nick talking about if there's that one percent chance of him and Sabrina getting back together:

    Nick and Sabrina talking outside

    12. When the OG Weird Sisters finally reunite once again:

    Prudence and Dorcas sitting together

    13. The iconic moment when the Fright Club covers "Time Warp" from The Rocky Horror Picture Show:

    Harvey and Ros singing together

    14. Plus, that surprising scene where Sabrina becomes the frontwoman of the Dark Mothers and covers Guns N' Roses' "Sweet Child O' Mine":

    Sabrina singing on stage

    15. The meta crossover episode featuring throwback cameos that instantly brought us back to the days of the original Sabrina the Teenage Witch:


    Say hello to the original Aunt Hilda and Aunt Zelda.

    16. And when it's revealed that Salem can in fact talk in the parallel universe:

    Salem in the parallel universe

    It's like the old school Salem all over again.

    17. The bittersweet flashback of Sabrina's life as "the void" is being drained from her:

    Sabrina and her family during her childhood

    18. Finally, when Nick appears in the Sweet Hereafter leaving hopes that a Season 5 could not totally be out of the question one day:

    Nick and Sabrina in the sweet hereafter

    One can hope that the chilling adventures continue on and another network picks the show back up.

    Have you finished the final season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina? Tell us what you think in the comments below!