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    17 Tweets All About Angelina Jolie's Scene-Stealing Performance In "Eternals"

    "Angelina Jolie as Thena was the serve of the century."

    So, this is Angelina Jolie (not that she needs any introduction).

    Angelina Jolie on the red carpet

    If you've already watched Eternals, you know that she absolutely slayed on screen as Thena, and fans couldn't agree more.

    We've rounded up a bunch of tweets all in appreciation of the one and only Angelina, now one of the latest MCU fan favorites. Check them out below:


    Angelina Jolie as #thena, a visual experience no one should forget #Eternals

    Marvel / Disney / Twitter: @LexieBadBitch2


    I went into #Eternals not expecting to come out being in love with Angelina Jolie’s #Thena yet here we are… #AngelinaJolie

    Marvel / Disney / Twitter: @xpiacastrox


    she's an icon she's a legend and she is the moment. #eternals #thena

    Marvel / Disney / Twitter: @ilykarolcia


    Angelina Jolie as Thena was the serve of the century. #Eternals

    Marvel / Disney / Twitter: @chrisdadeviant


    angelina jolie in this scene killed all my emotions without even speaking 😭 #eternals

    Marvel / Disney / Twitter: @imnikkiheat


    #Thena looked absolutely Gorgeous in #Eternals Whenever she was on screen I was absolutely hypnotised by her looks & her voice. Angelina Jolie is just perfect casting! An actual Goddess 🙌

    Marvel / Disney / Twitter: @SuperSpider2001


    #Thena became my comfort charactet so fast i cannot wait to see more of her. Angelina Jolie again did it amazing. #Eternals

    Marvel / Disney / Twitter: @siyeonswifts


    Oh Thena 😍 #Eternals #Thena #AngelinaJolie #Marvel #MCU

    Marvel / Disney / Twitter: @gisegurii


    Don't get me started about Angelina Jolie in #Eternals either....what a goddess. Such a good actress!

    Twitter: @BranTheVirgo_


    anyway let’s appreciate angelina jolie as #Thena

    Marvel / Disney / Twitter: @mcumagik


    I have to say Angelina Jolie blew me away. She brought such vulnerability and power to Thena showcasing it’s possible to be both. Easily one of my favorite performances from her #Eternals

    Marvel / Disney / Twitter: @_samepaige_


    Angelina Jolie as Thena was 10/10 in #Eternals She is Legendary! ❤

    Marvel / Disney / Twitter: @noumanbagan


    One of our favorite parts of #Eternals #Thena

    Marvel / Disney / Twitter: @MarvlUpdates


    now i want a #Thena movie ok #AngelinaJolie #Eternals

    Marvel / Disney / Twitter: @isaloveswanda


    angelina jolie rocked it as #Thena in Eternals And the whole movie literally a 10/10 really worth it, one hundred percent recommended 👌🏻

    Marvel / Disney / Twitter: @Jolietheternal


    nobody is saying this yet but we obviously need a thena movie #eternals didnt get enough of angelina jolie!

    Marvel / Disney / Twitter: @baobasoar


    did I watch The Eternals movie just to see Angelina Jolie? yes, yes, I absolutely did

    Marvel / Disney / Twitter: @cosifyy

    What did you think of Angelina Jolie in Eternals? Let us know in the comments!