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    Adele Gets Candid And Carefree In Never-Before-Seen Photos In Celebration Of Her 33rd Birthday

    Here's to another year!

    Besides the fact that it's Cinco de Mayo and halfway to the weekend, did you know it's also Adele's 33rd birthday today?

    She celebrated another trip around the sun by posting a series of candid, carefree photos on her Instagram feed captioned "Thirty Free."

    In honor of Adele's birthday, her BFF Laura Dockrill also took to IG and shared a fun flashback photo of that time Adele dressed up as George Michael. The resemblance is seriously uncanny, and you can barely recognize her!

    As fans anxiously await the Grammy winner's fourth studio album, they can enjoy some of her other most memorable IG posts.

    Like that time she made her living room a concert venue:

    Or when she posed with Queen Bey:

    And how about this ~gem~ of her dressed as country queen Dolly Parton?

    So, cheers to Adele's big day! Let the birthday fun roll on!

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