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    19 Things Every Vans Warped Tour Fan Can Relate To

    This is the punk rock summer camp you've always wanted to attend.

    1. You live for the day the tour dates are released.

    2. Even more so for when the lineup is announced.

    3. Getting tickets is a top priority of yours.

    4. You have a go-to set of essentials for the show.

    5. Plus, you probably have at least one pair of Vans in your shoe arsenal.

    6. Your collection of Vans Warped Tour tickets seems endless.

    7. Along with your pile of concert t-shirts.

    8. You lineup well before the 11 a.m. doors.

    9. Your parent(s) have had a spot in the Reverse Daycare tent at least once.

    10. The inflatable schedule is absolutely your first stop once you're inside the venue.

    11. You take advantage of all the free swag.

    12. The Vans Warped Tour compilation is a staple in your music library.

    13. Meeting bands is just another perk of the day.

    14. Trying to get a spot at the barricade is like you're in the Hunger Games.

    15. Running back and forth between the various stages is like second nature to you.

    16. Staying until the very last set is not even a question.

    17. Catching a pick, set list, or drumstick is something you've always dreamed of.

    18. Once the final song of the day wraps, you know the post-concert sadness is looming.

    19. But a new countdown kicks off until next year's punk rock summer camp shenanigans commence once again.

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