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For some years now, it is almost impossible not to see cubes everywhere; books, videos, conventions, goodies. Minecraft is everywhere, and arouses as much interest and passion as controversies and debates.

Minecraft is a video game now available on consoles, PCs and mobile devices and which consists of a huge sandbox offering players almost infinite possibilities. Construction, Survival, Fighting or Mechanisms: Minecraft offers players a wide range of activities and enjoys more than one dense and varied community regularly offering new content that we present here.

In Minecraft, the player is free to traverse an absolutely gigantic world (nearly eight times the surface of the Earth) composed of blocks to be destroyed, made and transformed. Extremely dense and complete, this sandbox of modern times will allow adventurers to explore vast biomes and caves in search of resources, creative people to build what they want, and engineers to create simple or incredibly complex mechanisms. Whatever your interests or your passions, Minecraft is very likely to interest you.

Optifine Mod is considered a basic tool for all Minecraft players that do not have very powerful computers. This tool is responsible for optimizing the game and improves overall performance. Its goal is to reduce the LAG and stabilize the game's performance.

Although the performance of a game depends on multiple factors, Optifine is certainly a great help for those computers with few resources. Thus, this tool will also improve the fluidity and stability of the game in computers with higher performance.

How to install Optifine Mod for Minecraft Mod?

OptiFine is a mod designed to make Minecraft work quickly on old computers. OptiFine deactivates many effects and optimizes the system to improve performance. OptiFine can be installed together with Forge if you use many mod. If you just want to use OptiFine, you can quickly install it using your installer.

With Forge

First install Forge: If you plan to use OptiFine along with Minecraft Forge, you need to install Minecraft Forge (and any other Minecraft mod) before installing OptiFine. OptiFine should be the last mod you install. Follow the following steps:

* Download Optifine Mod version

* Download Minecraft Forge

* Double-click the downloaded Forge file to run the installer.

* Double click on the downloaded file of "Optifine".

* An installer will open.

* Select the "Install" option.Enjoy Minecraft with more fluency!

Without Forge

* Download the latest version of OptiFine for your version of Minecraft Visit Minecraft: to see a list of available files. Simply download the OptiFine file. If you have an older version of Minecraft, scroll through the list until you find your version of Minecraft and download that version of OptiFine.

* Double-click the file you just downloaded: This will open the OptiFine installer.

* Click the "Install" button: This will install the OptiFine files in the correct location automatically.

* Open the Minecraft launcher: To use OptiFine, you need to select it in the Profile menu

* Change the OptiFine settings: You can adjust the OptiFine settings in the game by opening the "Options" menu and selecting "Video Settings". You will see all the additional OptiFine settings you can adjust to get the best performance possible.

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