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5 Perfect ‘Just Because’ Gifts

Every once in awhile, you might feel like doing something nice for a friend, a family member or loved one. Although everyone has their own tastes, there are a few standard gifts that tend to go down well with most.

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If you're looking for the perfect 'just because' gift, check out the following picks for inspiration:

Their favourite fragrance

Accompanying their individual personality, most people have a favourite fragrance that they wear some, or all, of the time. If you know the person well, chances are that you'll already what scent they wear, but, if not, a few tactical questions will do the trick!

A bunch of flowers

Unless they have an allergy, a fresh bunch of flowers is always a safe bet. Opt for their favourite variety of bloom, favourite colour or just an arrangement that reminds you of them. Flowers are available at a variety of price points so it's quite easy to find a bunch to match your budget.


They say that food is the way to a man's heart, but this is also very true for women too! Everyone loves a good meal or a delicious snack, so get creative in the kitchen, make a reservation at your favourite restaurant or pick up their favourite munchies from the supermarket.

Handcrafted gifts

Whether it's a cute post-it note or a Pinterest worthy creation, a handcrafted gift is a fantastic way to show just how much you care about the person. The time and effort you put into the project is worth more than any store bought gift and is sure to be a winner.

A good bottle of wine (or spirits)

Timeless in style, a good bottle of wine or spirits is a relatively easy gift to choose. Angle towards their favourite varieties or buy something that is new, exciting and fun to try.

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