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What If Harry Potter Went To A Music School Instead Of Hogwarts?

It would make things interesting (or maybe not!)

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I 'almost' became a hardcore Harry Potter fan. It sounds ludicrous I know.

But hear me out.

I watched the first film, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's (Sorcerer's) Stone 4 times within a year in two different countries!

It's crazy right?

I then dug my teeth into the book series, but as I got more into the books I got uncomfortable with the witches and wizards considering I was trying to grow my christian faith as well.

When I first watched the film it was just harmless fun and some fantasy, who didn't love seeing Harry Potter go through Platform 9¾!

But later on I felt as if the whole thing was an open invitation to occultism - the spells, potions, and the snake!

Witchcraft and occultism are things that once affected me on a personal level for many years even causing death in the family so I grew all the more uncomfortable with it.

Don't get me wrong, on the other hand, there are positive aspects I loved about Harry Potter, for example love is shown through selflessness and self-sacrifice e.g. Harry's own mother died to save him, Severus Snape looking out for Harry and many more.

But it made me think, what if Harry Potter instead of being a Wizard could be something else

What did Dumbledore mean when he said "Ah, Music - a MAGIC Beyond All We Do Here!"?

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I consider music to be the most powerful medium known to man. I wrote an article with some of the most inspirational quotes about the power of music.

So it makes you wonder, if music was so powerful as said by Dumbledore then why then did they not learn the power of music and use it to fight Lord Voldemort and his followers?

Can you imagine a battle between Harry and Lord Voldemort using only music instruments and songs? It could be epic!?

I read an interesting article by Hilde Pols of Leaky Cauldron exploring the references to music in Harry Potter. It makes a very insightful read which makes me wonder what would it have been like if Harry Potter had indeed walked into a music school of some sort?

I have tried to imagine what it would be like if Harry Potter had instead signed up to go to some music school instead of Hogwarts!

PS: For some the thought of Harry Potter not being wizard is unfathomable. This post would make them cringe. I recommend you maybe enjoy these 100 Harry Potter memes instead.

Harry would sign up for Tiffins School of Music and Artistry

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Instead of it being a castle like in the Harry Potter books and set in Scotland perhaps a tall and mighty tower like the tower of babel that reached into the sky.

Harry Potter would have visit a renowned music shop before going to Tiffins and choose his music instruments wisely.

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It would be interesting to see how Harry would have chosen his music instruments unlike in the wizarding world where the wand chose its owner! I would imagine it could be something similar based on how best to use your music talent...

You have magical pipes! And More!

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In no time Harry will be playing some magical tunes able to cast spells or mind control - Anyone remember the Pied Piper of Hamelin story? The Pied Piper played music to cast spells, first on the rats and on the children when the Mayor refused to pay him.

Harry will have to contend with either joining a the Jacksons house if he aspires to be an entertainer or join the Nightingales if he wants to use music for healing or join the Levites for religious/worship music or even join Pythian to use music to cast spells!

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I have just come up with purposes for houses based on what music can do i.e. music entertains (and I think Michael Jackson was the greatest of them all - please don't come @ me!), music heals (I know courses and hospitals where music is used to aid recovery of patients from medical procedures etc), music plays a big part in religion, that goes without saying, and finally music is known to be a higher form of power than witchcraft/wizadry.

He will have a few to focus on few

Not sure the difference between Music and Muggle Music? Is it that one has magic and the other doesn't? And does it only get taught to non-magic students? What would non-magic students be doing at Hogwarts anyway? Tiffins will not discriminate based on magical ability but music or artistic ability.

Included in the music competitions will be the charming of weird and wonderful scary creatures.

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If you are in the Pythian house you would be expected to take part in the dangerous sport of playing music to calm down dangerous creatures. Good luck with that Harry!

Instead Harry and friends can practice their music and hang out at in the magical Hanging Gardens

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While the forbidden forest is scary and full of weird and wonderful creatures, Harry can enjoy the beauty of the hanging gardens perhaps encouraging him to play beautiful music.

But Harry and co will have to contend with a more cunning and powerful enemy in the Dark Lord Lucifer.

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The bible describes Satan as having been Lucifer while in heaven and in charge of all music and worship. Things turned sour between Lucifer and God and he was cast down to earth. Interestingly, the bible describes Lucifer of having been made of pipe, his vocal cords were made of many instruments while his body was made of precious stones!

That would turn him into the infamous Pied Piper!

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The Pied Piper used his magical music ability to help the small town of Hamelin rid of its rat by casting a musical spell that lured and drowned all the rats (except for one deaf rat) in the river Wesser. The Mayor of the town refused to honour his promise to pay the Piper of his services. Angry, the Pied Piper sought revenge by casting another musical spell on the town's children and lured them all out of the town to a mysterious place.

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