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11 Tips For Surviving the Holiday Party Season

Trust. Stylish advice that’s Michael Kors-approved.

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1. Learn how to make at least one good cocktail.

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Whether it's a classic Manhattan or a delicious seasonal hot toddy, having a solid recipe up your sleeve will impress even the hardest-to-please guests.

4. Invest in some quality wrapping paper.

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It'll do you good, and you'll thank yourself later for having some on hand for last-minute gifting. Also, consider stocking up on a few classic "season's greetings" cards.

6. Make sure you have a coat that's both stylish AND warm.

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Maybe it's a nod to our fashionable forefathers, maybe it's not, but either way, topcoats are IN this season. Remember to get one that's lined so you won't have to suffer for fashion.

11. And, no matter what, get yourself at least one festive sweater.

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Nothing says holiday party more than a festive sweater. Pick one up, and settle in to the Yuletide spirit.

Happy Holidays from Michael Kors!

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