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10 Tips For Traveling The World In Style

Live like the locals. Get there in style with Michael Kors.

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1. You have a worldly group of friends from all over the globe.

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At least one from every continent. You love staying connected with them; it gives you a reason to travel whenever, wherever.

4. When visiting a new country, you love to hit all of the big cities, but you never forget to spend some time unwinding on the beach.

Many say that Ibiza has some of the world's most beautiful beaches, but the other Balearic Islands give the popular vacation spot a run for its money. Visit Majorca, Minorca, or Formentera for a taste of something different.

5. Art museums are a must — the classics are best viewed in person.

When in Paris, don't just settle for the Louvre. Take a walk on the côté sauvage and make a pit stop at the Musée d'Orsay to dive into a wealth of work by the Impressionists.

7. You make sure your travel dates are in tune with special events happening at your destination.

Carnival in Rio is a definite must-do — a five-day festival that includes parades, samba dancing, and amazing food.

8. You know the best way to see the city is by moped.

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Ditch the chartered car, and grab a scooter instead. Speeding down the winding, cobblestone streets of Roma will change your entire perspective on the city.

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