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    Black Women Are Bonding Over Scars On Their Knees And They're Definitely Shook

    What is this sorcery?!

    At this Sunday's BET Awards, celebrities came out for one of the biggest nights in black entertainment. One celeb who dazzled on the red carpet was Logan Browning, star of Netflix's Dear White People.

    Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

    On Tuesday morning, @jadoreadjones tweeted a photo of Browning, highlighting something really interesting — something that a lot of black women have in common with one another, apparently: a scar on her knee.

    RT this if you're a black girl with this scar on your knee...trying to see something.

    Almost immediately women began engaging with the tweet, realizing that they have similar marks...and on their knees, too.

    @jadoreadjones My scar is in the same spot on the same knee.

    The revelation shocked people.

    @jadoreadjones @MADBLACKTHOT I thought this was some bullshit until i checked & saw a faded one on the same exact s…

    "Witchcraft," some women mused, after giving in to curiosity.

    @jadoreadjones @JamilahLemieux *looks at knee... then grabs bible 😂😂😂

    If ever there were a reason to be shook, this would surely be it.

    @jadoreadjones literally just checked my knee realizing that i have a scar on my knee too...

    More and more people chimed in.

    @jadoreadjones Other leg but at the same spot on the knee. It was a pebble or nail head or somethin, I'm just-

    It was honestly and truly a profound discovery.

    @jadoreadjones @AngryBlackLady I pulled my pants leg up to see if I did and gasped when I saw it 😭 it was a moment

    Now obviously, this doesn't apply to every black woman on the planet, but the original tweet went viral, so it is definitely A Thing™️.

    Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

    Eventually, people began sharing pictures of their scars.

    @jadoreadjones @OshunDeep7 on the exact same knee lmaooo

    Sorcery indeed.

    What is the meaning of this?!

    @jadoreadjones @tshiamogp Right knee 🤣🤣

    It was seriously eerie.

    Maybe there's an explanation for it?

    @jadoreadjones @kaileymama My scar but it's mostly healed

    @JessicaYassYa pointed out that the scars could be keloids...

    @jadoreadjones @MADBLACKTHOT It's called a keloid. A lot of people of color, especially African-Americans, are more…

    According to the American Academy of Dermatology, keloids can form after "a cut, burn, or severe acne."

    Though some disagreed with that theory.

    @JessicayassYa @jadoreadjones @MADBLACKTHOT Those are scars not keloids and not all Black people have keloids.

    But if we're being real, the marks are probably the result of falling down as kid and getting a scrape.

    @jadoreadjones @AirannaRobinson This is extremly weird but I kind of love it!

    Though that doesn't negate the fact that it's interesting that so many people have similar-looking marks.

    @jadoreadjones @every1lovesham I feel some type of way about this

    We may never know the truth!

    @jadoreadjones @kurlykyyla Me when I saw the exact same scar on my knee

    BuzzFeed News also reached out to Browning's publicist about the origin of her scar.

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