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What Song Had A Totally Different Meaning From What You First Thought?

What songs have had you shook?

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So we've all probably got song lyrics completely wrong before.

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But have you ever been listening to a song and suddenly it dawns on you what the entirety of the song is actually about? / Via

An "aha" moment, if you will.

For example, Mariah Carey's "Honey" is definitely, probably about cum.

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The lyrics go: "You know sugar never ever was so sweet/ And I'm dying for you, crying for you, I adore you / Boy, you know your love addicted me / And I'm strung out on you, darling, don't you see? / Every night and day /I can hardly wait for another taste of honey."

Just like Whitney Houston's "Saving All My Love For You" is about infidelity, but the song sounds so beautiful that you probably didn't notice.


I mean, the song begins like, "A few stolen moments is all that we share / You've got your family and they need you there / Though I've tried to resist being last on your list / But no other man's gonna do / So I'm saving all my love for you."

And you've probably heard that Ariana Grande's "Side to Side" is about getting so much ๐Ÿ† that you can't walk properly, though a few people recently realized this.

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Her very suggestive lyrics go: "I've been here all night / I've been here all day / And boy, got me walkin' side to side."

So what songs have you realized are actually about something completely different from what you originally believed?

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