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Everyone's Been Saying One Lyric In J. Lo's "I'm Real" Wrong For Years

Everything is a lie.

Hi everyone, let's travel back in time to the year 2001.


It was a simpler time. A time when our most pressing worry was getting our homework done so we could watch 106 & Park on BET.

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::cries in nostalgia::

You know who else was popular during this important time in pop culture history? Jennifer Lopez and Ja Rule!

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Mind you, J.Lo is still very popular today, so don't come for me, stans.

The "I'm Real" remix was, and still is, the shit — it's such a great song.

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Anyway, have you ever thought to yourself, Hmm, I definitely know all of the lyrics to this classic jam?


Think again. Yesterday, Jezebel published an article about J.Lo's opening line on the song.

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A few of the writer's friends thought Lopez was saying, "Are you Ellie?"

And honestly, it DOES sound like she's asking about someone named Ellie.

I, however, along with a few of my co-workers, always thought Jennifer was saying "ARE YOU READY?" But apparently she isn't saying that either!

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On the track, right before Lopez sings her opening line, Ja Rule says, "What's my motherfuckin' name?"

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Then, J. Lo responds, "R-U-L-E."

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She's spelling his name/answering his question!

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My brain right now:

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There you have it. We've been saying this lyric wrong for 15 years.

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Also gonna clean out my ears.


The language of this post has been updated to clarify that the writer of the Jezebel article knew all along what the real lyrics were.