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Just 17 Really Funny Tweets About DJ Khaled And His Son Asahd


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With his father being the king of inspiring people on Snapchat, it's no surprise that Asahd would become the beneficiary of incessant praise and positivity from his father.

Instagram: @asahdkhaled

The infant's personal Instagram, which has nearly 300K followers, frequently features a comment from his father saying "ASAHD" in all caps, followed by an endearing message.

Instagram: @asahdkhaled

Without missing a beat, people on Twitter have been steadily memeing Khaled's love for his adorable kid.

Instagram: @asahdkhaled

Here are 17 hilarious tweets about Khaled and Asahd:


DJ Khaled: Rise and grind Asahd It's time to hit the studio. Asahd:


Dj khaled : asahd I'm home Asahd:

In fact, the way Khaled dotes on Asahd might make you question some things about your life...

Judging my parents after seeing how much DJ Khaled loves his son.

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